Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't Underestimate The Barbie

Joe Buddens is a BEAST. Nuff said, if you didn't know that by now, I don't know what to tell yah.
But Nicki! My girl Nicki! I tried to warn everyone but no0o0o they wouldn't believe me.
Just see for yourself.

You should also see the other Cyphers.
Eminem MURDERED it & Mos Def and Black Though ripped it as well.

" And i’m killin these bitches, Mike Vickin’ it up" -Nicki Minaj

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Im Coming Home Again"

So as everyone knows Howard University's Homecoming is the GREATEST homecoming ever! If you have not experienced at least one homecoming at Howard then I really feel bad for you. It is an experience like NO other. This year was no different. The events were amazing and definately worth the money and wait. The Comedy show was hilarious it featured comedians like Lil Duval and CoCo Brown. The Fashion Show I must say was not better than last year but still fierce nonetheless. It featured clothing from Parish, Emore'J Couture, KAS Collections Inc and sunglases from Stevie Boy. Yardfest featured artist like Nipsey Hustle, Melanie Fiona, The Clipse, Big Sean, Wale and Fabolous. I was even able to be apart of the the Greek Step Show RYTHMOS  opening up with my step team, where we did a M.J Tribute. LOVE night club popped as always during homecoming with the help of Trey Songz hosting the event.  All in All homecoming was AMAZING. See you next year!

(Pictures Courtesy of Sieda Johnson)


Fashion Show


Annex Step Team (The Opening Act)

Alpha Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Win 1st Plce at Howard Homecoming Step Show

"Make sure you don't miss the homecoming at Howard"- Ludacris

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pretty Girls Clap Like This

"These girls are havin fun with whoever's money they're spending" -Drake

Saturday, October 10, 2009

5 Star Chick

My mom is the dopest individual alive.
Sometimes I really dont appreciate her and all she's done for me.
She puts me and my brother through school,
pays the mortgage,
and car note for all of us all on her own.
She is the definition of a woman & who I aspire to be.
My mom is def a BOSS.
Plus she birthed the flyest thing walkin =)

"a nine to five how you survive; i ain't tryna survive, i'm tryna throw my mama in rides." - J.Cole

Friday, October 2, 2009

You'll Never Get Inside My Pocketbook

Last weekend I had the chance to actually watch the new season of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The episode I happened to view was when Kandi and Lisa took part in the Pockebook Monologues. The Pocketbook Monologues was created by Sharon K. McGhee. It is similar to the vagina monologues, but from an African American woman's perspective.

Here is an exert of Kandi's performance which truly captured my heart. I even plan on learning this monologue and using it for my audition into the theater program at my school.

To learn more about the pocketbook monologues you can visit the official website

The Crew

I've decided to make a segment dedicated to the individuals who have influenced me. Friend or Foe. I believe everyone has been put in my life for a reason, and for that reason and that reason only, I dedicate this to you; "The Crew"

"All I need is the love of my crew. The whole industry can hate me I thugged my way through." -Jay Z