Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Plz Believe Me When I Tell You That

he is theeee TRUTH!
& This is why Trey is my favorite male singer out right now
& no not juss b/c he's sexii as sexii gets but his voice is CRAZY!

ohhh yea...make sure you cop his new album READY droppin this summer =]


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Playlist

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Nicki Minaj. This half Jamaican & Asain chick is THE BADDEST & her flow is sick. She's like a female weezy & she's currently signed & on tour with Wayne as well. (He's gettin em all Drake & Nicki, do i smell a new dynasty comming along?)Anywhoo0o0 she is sicker than sick in my opinion. She's from my hometown Southside Jamaica Queens so she gotta be POPPIN! Well this was just a lil public service anouncmet for those of you who are clueless to the next BIG thing. & did i metnion she's from queens?

Still I rise - Nicki Minaj

Wanna Minaj?

(Im waiting for her to kill the every girl track b/c i kno it's gunna be tuff =D)

Say i-i-i-ii-i

ok so my bestie briisblurbs.blogspot.com
made a post about christina millian & her falling off & wutnot
BUT i must disagree after seeing her on the cover of king magazines 50th issue
Take a looksie

I think she's comming back to reclaim her spot as the baddest bxtch in the game.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Make Love In This Club

Ok so this past weekend I went to the Hampton-Howard Alpha Cabaret at Love Night club.
& it was POPPIN!!! to say the least.
I had a blast!
VIP treatment was def. a plus & i was there with basically everyone i knew.
We went to the Plamore after for a hotel party which def was the highlight of my nite.
If this was anything like the Howard-Hampton Caberet then i CAN NOT wait!

Here's some pictures from my amazing weekend =]