Sunday, July 27, 2008


ok so0o0o i went to the Santogold Concert last week at Central Park Summer Stage & i must say this has GOT to be one ov thee BEST concerts i have ever been to

She rocks the crowd so well & her music is illy
Her backup was da ish*... i aspire to be like them
they sang danced vogue'd & wu-tang'd
now tell me thats not illy!
Well to say her performance was amazing would be an understatement
ii enjoyed everybit ov it & the atmosphere of the crowd minus the air being full ov weed was super dope
everyone had their own uniqueness(doubt thats a word..oh well) to them & i love that
a photogropher from BET was there & snapped some shots of me & Brii for their style section
how dope is dat!

ov course santogold look supa dupa! prob the only chick who cud hav the balls to rock a jersey in 2008 & wont get BASHED for it

well i attended the event with my P.I.C & the bestest friend i have Brii
She is probably the only friend i hav who has the same music taste as me
:sighs: people are so closed minded

anywho we waited on a loooooooooong line that seemed like forever and couldnt find a place to stand for atleast 20min once we finally got in...and yes i did say place to stand!
we eventually found a comfy room on the grass in the back sat down & enjoyed the retro electric hiphop & techno tunes from up & coming artist which was pretty neat
then as soon as santogold came plz believe we bum rushed to the front of the stage lol

She's Steller point blank period!
i was kinda upset she didnt perform "Im A Lady" though...thats my favorite b/c i can so0o0o relate.

Here's some footage i captured..hope you like =]

ohhhh my how cud i forget!
brii & i debut our club song "My Bang Is Fcked Up"

inspired by the 98 degree weather & humdity which totally sweated out and ruined my beautifully blown out dominican bang =[

so0oo0ooo here it is....WORLD PREMIERE!!!!

"My Bang Is Fcked Up"

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