Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Playlist

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Nicki Minaj. This half Jamaican & Asain chick is THE BADDEST & her flow is sick. She's like a female weezy & she's currently signed & on tour with Wayne as well. (He's gettin em all Drake & Nicki, do i smell a new dynasty comming along?)Anywhoo0o0 she is sicker than sick in my opinion. She's from my hometown Southside Jamaica Queens so she gotta be POPPIN! Well this was just a lil public service anouncmet for those of you who are clueless to the next BIG thing. & did i metnion she's from queens?

Still I rise - Nicki Minaj

Wanna Minaj?

(Im waiting for her to kill the every girl track b/c i kno it's gunna be tuff =D)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

every boy..that would be soo ill!
I've been sitting her forever trying to think of a girly one..but everything that sounds decent sounds odee slutty..soo I decided i'd leave it to the professionals lol