Sunday, May 3, 2009

Even Joey Agrees

"This Nigga's the man huh!"
-Joe Buddens

Drizzy is so0o adorable
& Joey is hilarious.
If you havent subscribe to Joe Buddens TV
him & Tahiri are truly a sitcom!

"Biggie..Tupac..Joey" lmfao0ooo0o0
MTV or BET should invest.
I kno my last post was about how relationships suck yattah yattah yattah
but these two are something special..the perfect hood couple

"Tahiry is the yin to my yang. We’re like puzzle pieces; we just perfectly go together. God put my soul mate in front of me, and I’m one of the lucky ones, because everyone doesn’t have that opportunity. [We’re] really solid, and if I weren’t sure of that, she would’ve never hit the front of a camera. I’m not going to play myself."-Joey

5years & goin...luv dem...they give me hope lol
so once again im going to pluggggg....subcribe to JoeBuddensTV


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