Monday, January 5, 2009

If I Were A Boy

Omg! did you guyz see the new episiode of The City
I must admit i was a little skeptical of the show due to whitney's boring demeanor on The Hills
but i must say im addicted!
Anywho Erin said this episode, "the more you like them the more you analyze them"
So friggin true! maybe that's our downfall, or maybe just our intuition
but this still doesnt change my mind that...well...
Guys are jerks who will never understand, as many subliminal messages we throw at them you'd think they'll catch on smh
Whitney basically told Jay yes I want to be with you and he brushed her off
saying he wanted to get to know her better....she knew you for 3months!
And then the next episode as you see in the previews she starts weighing her options, guess who wants to commit, such a typical male thing, he doesnt really want whitney he just doesnt want anyone else to have her...smh
Oh If I Were A Boy!

wellll to watch daddy's girls
love the simmons sisters so this shud be interesting...toodles

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