Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lets Play Ketchup

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Okkk so0o0 i've abandonned this thing
but im back & in full affect!
so0o0o deres so much to catch up on but ill juss giv u the Top10

1.1st black president!
*Michelle Obama is my distant cousin i juss found this out the other day from my aunt, why must black people always find a way to be related to someone famous? smh

2. Finished my 1st semester of college...but we wont get to into that

3. I got a new camera for christmas!!!! yessss now i can take random photos again =]

4. My addiction to facebook has become more intense

5. I have no cable in my dorm so0o0o0o me and Shakiyah (my roomie from killadelphia pistolvannia who i love major amounts) have our own talkshow which we watch religiously.

6. I let go of a certain someone and I must say im very proud of myself for being strong

7. I've realized girls will always be girls petty, catty & decietful no matter how old they are.

8. I've found my calling on this whole career thing, i mean i'd still love to be a song writer but a PR girl in the fashion or music industry suits me juss fine, and no i was not influenced by THE HILLS in anyway.

9. I experienced getting tipsy for the first time on new years eve due to my anti-alcohol drugs belief, this will never happen again.

10. Danity Kane broke up! omg shocking right? ...WRONG!... hey we all seen it coming. being signed to diddy is never the right move & aubrey was too... well.... aubrey....luv her though.

***Trey Songz is coming out with a new album called Ready!!!!!
(u kno i had to throw that in there)

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