Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Star Chick

Stacey Dash...

 probably one of thee most stunning woman I have ever seen. She is old enought to be my mother and has the body of someone old enough to be my peer. Mrs. Dash puts ALL these current "video vixens" to shame.
       Stacey Dash was born January 20, 1966  in The Bronx, New York and is of West Indian descent. She is a mother of two and has been married twice (but who hasn't now-a-days) and was I the only one who didn't know she was 1st cousins with Damen Dash?
       Anyways, I always loved her in Clueless and I'm glad to see she's up and working again after what seemed like a long hiatus. Since then she has done the cover of playboy in 2006, the infamous run in Kanye West's 2004 All Falls Down video and just recently appeared in the CW series The Game along with some other independent films. I simply had to do a post on her because at 43 years old she is the epitome of a "5star Chick" and living proof that black does not crack! I pray that I look half as good as her in 20 years. Mrs. Dash I applaud you.

I think it’s just ridiculous to lie about my age. The last thing I want to do is to be pretending that I’m 35 and 25 when I’m almost 45. You know what I mean? Then you start to look old. I’ll just say my age and play younger as long as I can. I’ve been blessed with something from my genes, from my parents and from God and I’m proud of my age” -Stacey Dash

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