Friday, November 6, 2009

"F' Love"

*I was not going to post about this but reading all the negative feedback about Rihanna's interview; not only from the internet but from people who I am friends with, people who I talk to on a regular basis or associate myself with; some of their comments really shocked me and I felt the need to address this issue.

"F' Love" was what Rihanna stated at the end of her interview on 20/20 tonight. I must admit I always thought she provoked him but after watching this interview, I believe her.
 I can see it in her eyes.
 I can feel her pain.
I have never been in a domestic relationship but I know others who have and it is a SERIOUS situation.
Im am not going to lie; I thought she was lying almost the whole interview. I, like many of you, for whatever reason sided with Chris Brown.
But, when she explained:

 1.She was concerned about him more than herself; that is why she reached out first. I understood.
2.She went back to him beacuse she was truly in love. I understood.
3.And when she stated; even though Chris might not have hit her again; she didn't want her fans who were domestically abused to think it was ok to go back. There is no telling what these guys might do to girls in those type of relationships. And for her to be selfish and "choose love over a life, it just isn't right." I understood.

I felt what she was saying, she was sincere to me & even though she did not cry; did you ever stop to think; well maybe she's all cried out. Oh, and if she was "acting" like so many people said or if  this was rehearsed; she deserves an Oscar beacuse I truly understood the situation and I feel for her.
Do not blame her.
She is not playing the victim; SHE IS THE VICTIM.
Whether she provoked him or not; it is NOT right.
 And yes love is important but,
 "F' Love" if it means your life.

That's all; I won't rant on and on but come on people stop being so damn ignorant.

*I'll post the interview tomorrow.

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